The iPod Touch

Last week I received an iPod touch, this is going to form part of my latest project so the University paid for it and I get to use it for a couple of months before the project goes live. I have never liked the iPod range and I was never the greatest fan of the iPhone, not because I thought they were bad devices but because Apple was and is so restrictive with everything, for example you can't put your own videos or moves onto the devices.

When I received the iPod touch I was expecting to find it cool for a day or two before the novelty wore off but I was pleasantly surprised, the interface was far more intuitive that I expected and very responsive especially coming from a background in windows mobile devices. Connectivity was also my other concern, only having wireless an not mobile connectivity meant it was no more useful than my laptop as I could only get online at home or at work. Whilst this is a problem I find myself using the device a lot around the home, checking things online when before I might not have bothered simply because of the convenience, I even found myself watching a whole BBC program on iPlayer.

The device supports an Exchange connection so its brilliant for checking and replying to emails, the keyboard took a bit of getting use to but the auto correction software makes up for the inaccuracy of it, the only downside is the calendar software, even with the Microsoft Exchange link it leaves a lot to be desired.

I don't think I would change my phone for an iPhone as I do prefer a proper qwerty keyboard but I can see myself having both devices. At the moment I am waiting for another Android phone to be released which will hopefully fix the flaws of the current one, namely no Exchange support and no support for bluetooth headphones, if this doesn't come soon I may have to go for an iPhone.