China and the Olympics

This post is probably a little late but still relevant given the on ongoing situation around the world.

A couple of days ago there was an article on TechCrunch about Chinese Internet users showing their patriotism by including the phrase LOVE CHINA as there MSN Messenger screen name, where the LOVE is a red heart symbol. This seemed a little weird to me but understandable given the biased spin the news within China will have, I imagine they will be making out the Olympic relay is a success but evil people in lots of countries have tried and failed to disrupt the carrying of the torch. So when I went into work the next day I was surprised to see the exact phrase on the MSN messenger screen of a Chinese college in the same office as me, clearly this isn't down to the lack of knowledge within China but something else. It is similar to the pro Chinese protesters that come out during the torch relay race, they are living in western countries so have access to unbiased news yet they are still highly supportive of there country, I wonder what there take is on Tibet and whether they think what there country is doing is right or not?
Like most sensible non Chinese people I think the oppression within China and what is going on in Tibet is appalling but I strongly disagree with the violent protests surrounding the Olympic relay race. I don't have a problem with peaceful protests but when they start to obstruct the runners, especially the Chinese woman in a wheelchair in France that's taking it to far and when they start to loose there supporters.
Hopefully the remaining parts of the relay race will be uneventfull and this whole think will settle down as the Olympics move back inside China.