I have just come across another social network called Dopplr, this seems to have been up and running since September last year, I guess I just missed it.

First impressions aren't good but it doesn't mean I don't like it; firstly the site is very slow, I can't get it to load in IE so had to switch to Safari, no idea why this would help. The other problem is entering trips, for example I tried entering "Internet World, Earls Court, London, United Kingdom" and look what it does.

Dopplr Incorrect Location

It seems to work off the first thing you enter, so Internet World becomes Top-of-the-World, it ignores the country entirely. I ended up entering the location but even then it defaulted to a nearby place, that would be alright if it allowed me to enter an even or location name but it doesn't so I end up with a trip to Kensington, completely meaningless. I would like this service to be more about the actual location or event rather than the journey that would make it more interesting. The other bit that would be nice would be automatic twitter updates based upon your travel plans, someday maybe.