The West vs China

The whole China and the Olympics issue seems to be hotting up, earlier today TechCruch reported that a sports website The Sports Network serving data to CNN is currently down because of pro China hackers.

 Spots Network Site Down

The wording on the notice above seems to imply it is the Chinese government behind this which is a bit of a jump to make. It is possible that the government or some part of it was behind the attack but without proof it seems a dangerous thing to imply.
A recent CNN article linked to in the TechCrunch post reports that the government has been sponsoring the attacks, something they have obviously denied.

There seems to be some specific hatred to CNN, specifically its suposed biased reporting; I haven never watched CNN so can't comment personally but as they say "theres no somke without fire"!
This claimed bias CNN has towards the west is most likly the cause of the hack that brought down the website and if CNN and other western news organisations go on the offensive hiting back at these hackers things are only going to get worse, or more interesting depending on how you look at it.