Google I/O

Yesterday I came across an event Google are holding called Google I/O, this is a 2 day event for developers in San Francisco. It covers several topics including Googles OpenSocial, Maps and Mobile services as well as general AJAX technology. I have used Google Maps a couple of imes in different websites but I have never explored it I much detail, I have also not looked at the other services before.

Events like this allways facinate me, especially the Google ones, I have never managed to get to one before either because they are too expensive or in the case of this one in another country, despite this obvious location issue, me being in the UK, the event looked very interesting and would only cost $50. I had been looking at costs of flights to the US the previous week, it's one of those countries that I have never been to before but have really wanted to, I was originally looking at visiting New York but San Francisco seems like a decent alternative.

With this in mind I have booked a place on the Google I/O event and booked a hotel and flight via Expedia, I am going for about 4 days, 2 to spend at this place and another 2 to explore the area.

Hopefully the developer event will be worth it and I will learn something interesting, I now have a list of over 80 sessions I need to choose from.

This trip has also given me the opportunity to try out Dopplr, after entering the trip there seem to be a number of fairly interesting bits of information relating to SF and it will also provide a usefull place to store bits of information or plans for the trip.