Google IO - Day 1

Its day one of the developer conference and so far the morning has been very interesting.

I arrived shortly before 8 where I got accosted by some guy collecting for charity, I walked away from the encounter with my wallet $20 lighter but feeling OK for doing something for charity.
Registration was at 8 where I collected by badge which has University of Sussex written on it, I guess that's what I get for only paying $50 for getting in, I also picked up my t-shirt, tote bag and water bottle, not to shabby.
They had free food and free WiFi so I spent the next hour on a bean bag catching up with emails, my VoIP phone also worked so I was able to call home for free.

The keynote speech was fairly interesting as have some of the sessions, this afternoon I am going to a workshop where hopefully I will learn how to properly use Google App Engine.