Google IO - Day 2

The Google developer conference is now over, the past 2 days have been really interesting both from the conference content point of view and the event itself.

My main focus for the 2 days was the Google App Engine cloud hosting system, I had read up on it before hand but I learned a lot about the system and about the correct methods for creating an app I have also made good progress on moving my Trip List application over to the App Engine system.

One thing I found interesting was how much money Google must have spent putting it all together, there was so much there, an unlimited supply of food and in addition to the breakfast, lunch and dinner there were ice creams, drinks and other snacks available throughout the day.

One interesting I read the other day, the t-shirts we were given had binary code on the back, the code was ASCII and spelt GOOGLEKO rather than GOOGLEIO which it was supposed to spell, this may have been intentional but its unlikely.