Apple's Interoperability

Yesterday my MacBook was delivered, I haven't owned a Mac before but thought I probably should as it seems to be the machine of choice for developers and is a requirement for developing for the iPhone.

I have picked up the way the system works fairly quickly, its relatively intuitive but a few things bug me, the US keyboard for one, the fact the copy and past doesn't seem to work (just figured this one out, cmd rather than ctrl) unless your using the mouse and the way tabbing works or doesn't work between form items on web pages. These are just silly problems and things I have quickly worked around.

This morning one of the first things I went to download after letting the machine update overnight was the iPhone SDK, finally having the platform it was designed to work on I expected the process to be straight forward, alas it wasn't. I went to the developer site and clicked the download link, the login box popped up and I logged in, the login box popped up again which seemed a little strange but I did what it said and logged in again, I was then returned to the site where I clicked on the download link again. When I clicked the download link I expected the download to start but instead I got a box saying my session had expired, a few moments after logging in. I tried this several times but I haven't been able to get it to work, rather stupidly I am having to download it on my windows machine which worked fine using IE!