The world of Apple

I have finally joined the Apple club and bought my first product, a MacBook. I had never been interested in Apple products as they always seemed over priced and in compatible with everything, I still think there a little on the pricey side but I bought mine through the Apple higher education store so I only paid £713 instead of £829, a very reasonable discount. I have been in several situations recently where I have needed a Mac so I think this was the right time to make the move.

A couple of weeks ago when I was at the Google Developer conference in San Francisco the majority of people had Macs so I kind of felt out of place sitting there with my HP running Windows, there are also several bits of software that will only run on the Mac, Google have an uploader for there App Engine and the SDK for the iPhone only runs on the Mac as well. My only problem is that I have never properly used a Mac before so it will be like learning to use the computer all over again.

In addition to this Mac I am also considering getting the 3G iPhone when its released next month, the previous iPhone didn't seem very good especially in comparison to the phone I have but the new one has fixed most of the iPhone's limitations. I have 2 contract phones at the moment and I really don't want a third, I will have to wait and see how tempting it is next month.