Where Am I?

For a while now I have been looking for a method of tracking my location, Ideally I would like my exact location at any time of the day to be available and tracked both for my reference and so people know where I am. Some people may not like this idea but I have always been a big fan of anti-privacy type stuff.

I don't know if something to do this already exists, I have found similar things but nothing to do exactly what I want. My ideal device would be a small black box with GPS receiver and Internet connection through the mobile network, it would then upload my coordinates every minute. Last week I cam across a text message based service called sniff, this service locates you using the cell tower your mobile phone is connected to so it isn't particularly accurate and it only does this when the service is texted at a cost of 50p. I have always thought there should be a bit of software for the mobile phone that would do this, my HTC Advantage has a built in GPS and mobile connection so it would be an ideal platform.

Over the weekend I found a data logging GPS device in a catalogue, this device says it will record your position so it can be downloaded later so it doesn't offer real time updates but would be interesting for tracking routes when I go walking. This should turn up in the next couple of days so I will update this post when I have had a chance to try it out.

In the mean time I am still on the lookout for some software or even hardware to track my location so if you have ever come across any let me know.

I decided to actually look for some software to do this and the first thing I cam access does almost everything I want, the only problem is the updates seem to go to there system. The software is called KoolTrax and I am currently waiting to hear back about some specifics such as the possibility of sending updates to my server.
Update 2:
Received a reply about KoolTrax, unfortunately it doesn't do what I want but I am tempted to buy it anyway and see what it is like, especially as its only £40.
Update 3:
I may have found the software I have been looking for, there is a company/site called Mologogo which has a piece of software for most types of mobile, it makes use of cell tower positioning or GPS positioning to update there website, the key thing is you can also send the location data to a second server. There are several issues, firstly the application on the phone continually updates a real time map meaning increased bandwidth, it only updates every 30 seconds and the option to send your location to a second server doesn't work on Windows Mobile yet, oh and it crashes.
I am still looking for that ideal piece of software, if only Windows Mobile was as easy to develop for as the iPhone.