Flickchart - Movie Ratings

Last week over on friendfeed I heard about a new movie rating website called Flickchart, its still in the invite stage but a quick twitter message to the Flickchart user yielded an invitation. I sign up to and play with lots of different sites and services as I come across them but none have been as appealing as this one, I have found my self sitting in front of the computer screen for hours on end rating movies.

The site works in a very simple way, on the front page you are presented with two movies and you select which one is best or if you haven't seen one or both of the films you can skip the comparison, this process carries on until the site builds up a comprehensive list of your movies and so far the ranking seems to be fairly good. The site also allows you to search for movies and to choose to specifically compare it so it gets added to your list.

One the face of it the site seems to be rather pointless and at the moment it is but there are a lot of possibilities, as you rank movies the site will end up with a list of movies you haven't seen as well as those you have, this is useful date with a lot of mashup opportunities. For example the list of movies you haven't seen could be sorted by the overall popularity and the sent to an amazon wish list or even to one of the many DVD rental websites, there are also possibilities for social networking by bringing together people with similar interests.

There are a lot of possibilities for this site and hopefully it will expand and add new features over the coming months.