Latest Project - InoMED

Over the past few days I have been working on a new website to support a piece of medical hardware I am building for my PhD, the site is designed to provide doctors access to data collected by the hardware so its not intended for the general public, never the less it does have some background information on it and it is another site I can add to my portfolio so I am putting a link to it here so it can get picked up by the search engines. The site is for a semi fictional company called InoMED and can be found here -

The site only took me 3 days to make, that includes the database work and all the php coding, I think this is a new record for me; the code may not be pretty but it works!
I am hosting the site, the database and the python script which will capture and process incoming TCP data on an old computer of mine; rather than hosting it using the same hardware I use for everything else I dug out an old HP machine which I have running on the University network, it saves on electricity costs and they have a fairly good internet connection.

The site layout including the images came from a WordPress template created by Collis Ta'eed, its a brilient theme that I only needed to tweak a little, I changed the gray background to green and dropped most of the fixed font sizing in favor of relative sized fonts. The styling for the input forms came from Antonio Lupetti's woork site, again I changed the colour to green to match.
I have always been useless at creative things, and I am very grateful to the people above and to everyone else who creates things like this to share with the world.