News of the World and Max Mosley

Last week Max Mosley won his case against the News of the World over the invasion of his privacy, today he announced he was going to sue for libel after the judge in the case ruled that there was no Nazi theme.
I am completely on the side of Mosley, what he gets up to in his own time with consenting adults is entirely his business.

What annoyed me was when the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey interfered in the case, this case has nothing to do with religion and this Carey person has no place interfering. Carey made the argument that as the Judge ruled in favour of Mosley the judge was setting a dangerous precedent and that free speech was a victim and secondly public morality was a victim. His first point about free speech is really stupid, what is he saying, papers are allowed to write what they want about people and invade there privacy to get the information they need. His second point about morality being a victim is his opinion, yes what Mosley was involved in isn't to everyone's taste but people can do what they want, if he enjoys it he shouldn't have someone criticising it.

I am not a religious person but I do respect the beliefs of those people who are, providing they don't interfere with other peoples lives and that is clearly what they are doing here. Religion should have no part in government, the law or anything that affects the public as a whole, it should be something that people can choose to be a part of.

I hope that Mosley wins his libel case and this whole situation sets the dangerous precedent that consenting adults can do what they want behind closed doors.