Photosynth is finally here

PhotosynthA wile ago I came across Microsoft's Photosynth, at the time I thought it was particularly strange; sometime after I came across it again and finally realized how amazing it was, since then I have been eagerly awating the release of the system to the public.

This morning I noticed several posts about Photosynth but I was in a rush so didn't realize what had happened, it was when I got into work that I received the amazing news that Photosynth is finally here.

If you have no idea what Photosynth is I suggest you go an take a look although if you have a Mac you can read about it instead at Wikipedia, no Mac or Linux support I am afraid.

Rather than uploading the photos to Microsoft through the website you need to install a piece of software, I am unclear at this stage wether the software processes the images locally or acts as a facility for uploading them although I suspect it just uploads them, this then leads to the question of how long will Photosynth's take to generate when they have been uploaded.

I will have the answer to all of these questions and more at the weekend, I was planning on spending the day taking photos and trying out my new tripod anyway now I have an even better task. Hopefully weather depending I will have my first Photosynth up at the weekend.