Today I finally bought a decent tripod, when I say decent I mean a lot better than my previous one but sill a long way off the high end ones.

For years I have been using cheap little £30 tripods, it didn't go very high and wasn't very stable but it did the job, especially recently when I have been playing with HDR images and needed a stable image for each exposure.

The one thing I have found the most annoying with the old tripod is its height, I had to put it on a table to use or sit on the ground which was a little awkward and put me off using it.
The new tripod is a Manfrotto, the base is a 190 and the head is a 804RC2, they are significantly heavier which may put me off taking it as much but I hope it will give me better results.

190 Tripod804RC2 Head

I am planning on finding somewhere at the weekend and going out and taking some photos, now with a stable base I can try longer exposures and try and get a crisper hdr shot.