Things to do

I have come up with another thing for my list of things to do before I die; work for the British Antarctic Survey. The British Antarctic Survey or BAS is something I came across a few years ago, I am not really sure what it was about the type of job or experience that interested me but there was something. If your unaware of what the BAS is its Brittan's research at the south pole, it includes several research bases covering different areas and different fields of science, you work there for periods of up to 33 months, that's almost 3 years with limited contact with the outside world!

I am not a scientist so I wouldn't go there to do research, my aim would be to get a job as one of the support staff possibly working with the computers, communications or electrical infrastructure. From reading there website the working days can be long especially during the summer when the most needs to be made of the available light but in your free time you can go and do thing like ice climbing which sounds really cool.

So that's one more thing bringing my list to 4.

  • Go into space / see the Earth from space
  • Go sky diving
  • Learn to fly a helicopter
  • Work for the British Antarctic Survey

In terms of fulfilling number 3 (learn to fly a helicopter) I may have come a bit closer, I have found out you can buy a 30 minute flying lesson using Nectar points, something I am seriously considering doing.