My .tel Info Extension on Firefox

Last week I finally got around to porting the .tel Chrome extension I made to Firefox, unlike the Chrome extension this took a whole day to figure out but I can see why.

Chrome extensions offer a very limited range of ways to interact with the browser while Firefox allows for complete customisation, because of this Firefox extensions are developed in a much more complex but powerful way.

The Firefox extension can be downloaded from here its currently waiting for a Mozilla person to check it before it will loose its experimental status.

The extension uses the same script as the chrome extension to display the contact information; the sample code I used for this is limited so I have spent the past week working on a new script. Its taken me longer than it should have and i still haven't done but the new script should display the tel info in a much better way, it will also allow me to make updates and changes as new features get added to the specification.

If anyone does give it a try and finds any problems please let me know in the comments.

Also, if anyone is looking at developing a Firefox extension I found this blog post very helpful