PyroCMS Add-ons

I have decided to have a go at building and selling Add-ons for the PyroCMS Add-on store as part of my new years aim of creating a residual income source.
I have been working with PyroCMS for over a year in some form or another now and in that time I have built a number of modules for clients and myself, most of these have been to specific to release or they rely on a custom account system which has meant releasing something wasn't practical or possible, that was until last week when I made a downloads module.

The downloads module was built to allow a client to update a pdf download without having to change the link already on the website, it also needed to be able to protect the download behind a sign-in wall.

The build was straight forward but because the site it was built for doesn't use the PyroCMS user system it required a bit of work to modify it for release, thankfully that didn't take long and I now have my first Add-on available for sale.

You can find the downloads module available for sale in the store for £5, there will be enhancements coming in the future which will all be included in the initial purchase price.

If you have any suggestions, comments or fixes for the module please get in contact.