A place to work

A couple of months ago I made the decision to rent a small workspace.
After using the facilities at Build Brighton for various projects I was running into the problem of not having anywhere to leave work, materials or resources. The back of my car started to fill up with wood and metal offcuts which was becoming a little silly, I also had to drive for an hour back to my parents house when I needed to collect some of my less used equipment.

Two months ago after thinking about this for a while a workshop opened up in the Rodhus complex under the Build Brighton workshop, this was fantastic timing and I jumped straight in and took on the lease.

Since moving in I have moved a lot of my stuff over to the workshop and I have worked on a number of projects but last night the real benefit of having a place like this became apparent. I had come up with an idea to build a web connected physical status monitor for tracking sprints at one of my clients offices. After finishing a project off last night I had a bit of time left and just using leftover materials I was able to start and build the bulk of this system. I constructed a base to hold the electronics and servo and played around with prototyping an arrow for the gauge. Tonight I will be finishing off the arrow and fixing the servo mounting, after a couple more coats of paint the construction will be complete bar the electronics.

This is a small project so it isnt a huge feat but it was wonderful not to have to plan ahead and buy materials, I could just start and work with what I had.
Once the electronics are up and running I will put up another post about this project.