Chip & Pin tamper detection

While browsing eBay I spotted a chip & pin key pad, this was being sold as locked/broken but it was only a couple of pounds so it seemed worth it. The pin pad arrived yesterday and after powering it up to verify it was locked I decided to dismantle it and take a look.

The most interesting feature is the tamper detection circuitry. The unit is fully protected front and back making it impossible to gain physical entry to the device without tripping the systems, at this point I believe the important codes are wiped making the thing useless. The core protection comes from a shield wrapping the back of the main circuit board, if you attempt to remove or drill into this you will trip the detection system.

There have been a couple of reported hacks against this technology but these tend to be via the card microchip, malicious code can be uploaded onto the device via the chip in a hacked credit card. There is the odd physical hack but the only reports I could find were from many years ago, presumably before the detection systems improved.