Status Light v2 - Build Update

I have been working on the second version of status light for a little while now and I have made progress in a few areas.

One thing I wanted to improve over the first one was the mounting and general build quality, whilst the first one looked good from the outside the inside was a mess. The top neopixel ring had a rough bit of veroboard attached which allowed me to disconnect it and the main electric imp board was held in with bluetack!

The other change I wanted to make was to add a battery and remove the trinket as the electric imp people had updated their system allowing the imp to drive the neopixel ring directly.

The first piece I tackled was the neopixel ring, I designed a basic pcb which would mount to the back of the board and then provide a JST connector on the front along with some basic level shifting to change the 3.3v signal from the imp into a 5v signal.

The video below explains this section in more detail.

Having a battery onboard also requires some method for charging it so for this I opted for a sparkfun USB charger, this would allow be to charge and use the battery at the same time. The main electronics would be stacked like last time but this time I had a battery to fit in.

I have covered some of these issues in this video.

After a couple of case revisions I have come up with a design that works really well