Light bulbs everywhere

Last year the company I was working with were having their offices refurbished and it got me thinking about corporate art but something that's potentially useful as well as interesting to look at. I got the idea of hanging lightbulbs from a sparkfun video so I decided to have a go making a piece of light art that also communicated some information, the idea was that the faster the lights flashed the higher or more active the value the light represented.

I went through one false start with the light, it turned out I couldn't get the bulbs to hang straight but I ended up with something that while not as visually interesting was far more practical.

The final light connected to the internet via an ethernet connection and fetched a single integer from a webserver, this was then used to control the flash rate of the bulbs. The idea could very easily be reconfigured into a different form or even expanded with rgb lights to represent more data.