DIY Workshop Air Filter

One of the annoying things about my workshop is the dust, it gets everywhere. You can tidy up but before long everything gets a nice coating of wood dust which starts get annoying.
A year or so back I installed a large JET workshop air filter upstairs at Build Brighton but these cost several hundred pounds which isn't something I wanted to spend so after watching a video by Matthias Wandel I decided to build my own.

The design is really simple and consists of a pedestal fan mounted in a wooden box with a couple of air filters on the back. The filters are 24" x 12" so given the size of the fan I built an enclosure 24" square, this would accomodate one or two filters with removable spacers when using one.

It accomodates one or two air filters

I modified the fan slightly by reducing the length of the shaft to make it a bit more compact and then mounted it in the center of the box, the original push button controls were let in the side of the case. The grill was also secured to the front to make it a little safer.

I haven't been using it for long but I am hopeful it will help with the level of dust in the workshop.