I grew up in a Labour voting household and I'd imagine like most I picked up the politics of my parents, they voted Labour so I went on to vote Labour. Although unlike my parents I decided to join the party, not because I wanted to get into politics but more of a case of association and it seemed like a cool thing to do (I was that kind of child).

Over the last 10 years or so I have been an on and off member but more for money reasons than anything profound, I will occasionally review my spending and stop things that aren't that important. My latest stint as a member started in 2015 after the big Conservative win, like a lot of people I think there was a general feeling that we needed to try and do something.
By joining the party at that time I got a chance to vote in the leadership election which lead to the current situation, Jeremy Corbyn (In case you're wondering I didn't vote for him). In hindsight it was very much like Donald Trump in the US, he was this crazy old man that no one expected to get anywhere, until he did.

Anyway, I am writing this on Wednesday knowing that by Saturday the Labour party as I know it and grew up with it will be gone.

I liked the two party politics of old, it was a simple dynamic, the good vs the bad with power changing hands every 10+ years. Jeremy's win will ensure Labour won't get elected which means there will be room for horrible people like UKIP to grow their membership while Labour shrinks.

Jeremy's supporters keep pushing the peoples mandate line but I don't believe these people represent Labour voters, they are the left wing activists who have joined the party to pursue an agenda. Labour supporters are like most people, the generally decent who vote every 5 years but otherwise stay out of politics, they are very different groups of people.

I expect Labour may come back again in the distant future but in the meantime there is no party that represents me and that's a really odd feeling.