2m LED Display - Boxing Up

It's been a few months since I have worked on the LED display/tower/thing so I have decided to try and get the physical construction finished.

I had left the rear of the enclosure open with the electronics taped on the back, so last week I took the light over to the workshop and started to build up the rear frame. The depth of the box was increased by attaching another series of battens around the edges, this was just enough to contain a large 8A 5V power supply.

I also solved the attachment of the acrylic front by putting a few screw holes in to the sides; it's not a very clever fixing method but its simple and should work well. I had hoped to do something fancy with magnets but sadly I don't think this was going to be possible.

To finish off the rear of the enclosure a thin plywood cover was screwed on and the whole thing painted with white gloss paint to try and match the white acrylic around the front. Given the very piecemeal process the construction went through; its far from perfect but should look ok, at least from a distance!

Next week it will be brought back home so I can finish off the software to control the display.