Alexa vs Google Home

After living with Alexa and a Google Home device for a while my conclusion is that Google Home is a chore to communicate with while Alexa is a joy.

Talking to Alexa feels natural, it feels more like a conversation and I find myself willing to ask quick questions. Google Home on the other hand is very clunky and that is all down to the wake word, "OK Google" or their slightly less awkward option "Hay Google". Neither of these are conversational and I find the length of them makes me question whether I want to even bother asking.

I want to like Google Home more, it integrates with Google Music and can control Chromecast devices of which I have several so the connected home aspect is far more enticing with Google. The other key thing Google has over Amazon is the ability to ask general knowledge questions, Alexa is very limited in this aspect but Google will use its search capabilities to answer a much wider variety of queries.

Google have said in the past that they will not give their device a human name as it doesn't properly capture the power of Google and what's sitting behind that artificial voice. I hope they change their mind as I can't see a future where everything starts with the words OK Google, not even the Enterprise had it that bad!