The Unit

I built The Unit a portfolio style website to showcase their own work.

The layout and operation of the site had been decided upon and artwork created, I took these and built a single page HTML5 site which makes heavy use of CSS3 and javascript to ensure the site displays and functions correctly on a wide range of devices and screen sizes.

The idea for the site was that it would look and behave similar to a native application on an ipad as well as working and functioning correctly on a desktop browser and handheld mobile device. I achieved this by applying mobile device specific tags to the site allowing mobile phones and iPads to display the site correctly, these would be ignored by a desktop browser allowing a single website to function across both types of device.

The site uses a number of animations to reveal content, these are triggered by event driven javascript which uses the url to display the correct section, this allows for deep linking and the ability to share a specific section of the site.

The key animations are implemented in multiple ways, both in css and in javascript, this allows the users browser to use the best performing animation available, for example on the iPad the transitions are hardware accelerated but for older browsers which don’t support this javascript is used.