Kevin gets some battery mounts

After building the core of Kevin I have now added a mounting frame for the battery, this is a straightforward mounting in the center of the frame which will accommodate up to 8 12v batteries. This is constructed from several lengths of L shape steel which form the sides and bottom of the battery tray. At the moment the plan is to use straps to secure the batteries down, this will mean full height sides and a top bracket don't need to be built as I did with the previous vehicle.

The wheelchair motors draw less than 5A under no load and during testing this peaked at about 15A, this will most likely increase a bit more under stall conditions. The controller I have chosen is a pair of 2x25 Sabertooth controllers, these aren't as high capacity as I would have liked but the next model up a 60A device which costs a lot more. The controllers will be mounted in metal boxes at either end of the frame.

The controller boxes can be seen in the image below, they are infact upside down and back to front!

You can follow the build photos on Google+