We Need To Talk About Kevin

Back in 2013 I started building a robotics platform or Kevin as I christened it. This was a really fun thing to work on but the motors eventually started to fall apart so I abandoned the project a year or two ago.

After sitting in my workshop gathering dust for what seems like a very long time I have decided to revisit the project and I started this by taking a look at the thing that forced me to abandon it in the first place, the motors.

As it turned out the motors were fine, it was just my mounting of them that was a bit shoddy so with a few new bolts they were back on and running as well as they ever did.

As part of the revisit I am going to be looking at all aspects of the platform and seeing what can be improved, the next thing to sort out are the batteries but also on my list are sensors, the control system and improved safety features.